Shared-Expense Housing goes by many names, such as Condominiums, Townhomes, Patio Homes, and more.

The Overlooked Affordable Housing Opportunity for our Aging, Low-income, and More Urban Population

Especially when these non-profit housing associations are more than twenty years old, they can offer one of the few affordable housing options for Seniors, Millennials and Low-Income Families.

The Problem:

Financially sound and harmonious housing associations are time consuming and complicated to run. Especially as they age, the associations are prone to financial failure, with disastrous results for financially fragile owners, residents and the community.

Our Solutions: Education at the University Level

  • For volunteer board members: Online board member education at the University Level
  • For managers: Online University Certificate Program in Condo/HOA Management. This University Certificate helps the public to appreciate the complexity of the Manager’s demanding job

Protecting Condo Investments
Taped at Miami Beach, Florida
Patrick Hohman starts speaking at 2:53 of this 4:10 story