Shared-Expense Housing goes by many names, such as Condominiums, Townhomes, Patio Homes, and more.

About Us

Board Members

William F. Chandler, Jr.
National Asset Management Co.

Jill H. Cooper
Commonwealth Bank & Trust Co.

Stuart Goldberg
Retired CEO;
University of Louisville Business
School Advisory Board;
President, Coachgate
Condominium Association

Carl M. Thomas
Retired Chairman and CEO
Commonwealth Bank & Trust Co.


Executive Director,
Course Creator and Instructor
Patrick Hohman

Patrick Hohman and CONDOS Book COver

Instructor: Patrick Hohman, as a board president and also as a paid condo manager, has helped lead owners in older condominium properties through the ordeal of year-by-year renovations and sustaining their property.

He wrote the book Condos, Townhomes and Homeowner Associations: How to Make your Investment Safer. Hohman is a licensed Florida Community Association Manager.


FIU offers certificate program for condo board members, owners
CBS Miami
Jan 24, 2024