Shared-Expense Housing goes by many names, such as Condominiums, Townhomes, Patio Homes, and more.

Community Impact


Benefits of Planning and Communication: Secure and Affordable Housing


Impact Size

In our home base of Louisville, Kentucky:

Since 2005, we have trained more than 700 condo and home owner association volunteer board members in Best Practices.

Those 700 board members are responsible for more than $1 Billion in home equity and asset preservation.


Our best testimonials are like this one, because these former students worked together cooperatively for several years to sustain their property.

“Our board members attended your class and we use your best practices book as a guideline.

“We have updated our property mechanically and physically, as well as accumulated more reserve savings than in our Association’s forty-plus year history.”

–Daniel K.
Shenandoah Condominiums
Louisville, Kentucky